How To Search For People In Nevada

Around 3 million people live in the state of Nevada. Here are some of the best internet search tools to help you find a person in Nevada by full name and location, or do a reverse phone number lookup and/or address lookup online.

Search Social Media

Social media sites have hundreds of millions of people with online profiles. The top social media sites have ways to find a person from Nevada by real name or user ID. Many people have successfully used social network search tools to find people that they have lost contact with. There are always news stories about people who have been reunited with friends and family simply by using Facebook’s free people search tool where you can lookup a person by their real name. There are a lot of people from Nevada registered on social media sites, and there is a good chance you can find the person you are looking for by using a site like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or Instagram.

Whitepages For Nevada

You can also do a statewide search for someone by name in Nevada on any free white pages site. White pages are a good place to find free contact information on someone. You can find a person by full name and location on sites like and You can also do a Nevada phone number lookup or Nevada address lookup on sites like 411 Whitepages.

Google People In Nevada

Another way to find a person from Nevada is by using Google to search for the person by name and personal identifiers. Google’s search engine is a good way to find a person by name and location. A Google people search can reveal online profiles, workplace, public records, voting records, pictures, and other identifying information about a person. You can also use Google to do a reverse phone lookup or address lookup using a Nevada phone number or residential address search.

Nevada Public Records Search

There are a number of online Nevada public records that are available at the state, county and local government level. Public records are a good way to do a background check people search on a person in a state like Nevada. You can find property records and court records on someone by name and location. You can also lookup arrest records and criminal records in Nevada on people by using various public record search portals.

Find A Person In Nevada

People search engines have grown in popularity and reliability over the years. Most of these sites are U.S. based, which make them a good choice if you need to find someone in Nevada. Sites like and are free to use; while other people finder sites charge a fee for current or detailed information on people. If you type in “free people search” or “people search” on any search engine, you will find some of the top people finder sites on the internet that can be used to help you search for a person in Nevada. Most of these sites also have options for doing a reverse address lookup or phone number lookup online as well.

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